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If you wish to become a member of CJA, complete the Membership Application and send your membership fee
to the CJA address below. The annual dues are $25 for individuals, $15 for students.

         Mail to:    Columbus Jazz Alliance
        P.O. Box 13682
        Columbus, Ohio 43213

         You're welcome to add a tax-deductible contribution in excess of your dues.

Here are some practical and tangible things you get with your membership: 

  A Membership Card (with your name, renewal date, and member since date)
  Discounted Merchandise
  Discounted Membership Radio Underwriting Messages
  Discounted Admission to MOST CJA Concerts & CJA Events
  Discounted Admission to CJA Partner Concerts & Events
  Columbus Jazz Alliance and Jazz 98.5 FM Jazz Brew Newsletter
  Affiliated Musician Services & Preferred Performance Opportunities

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