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Much of the CJA budget is raised directly from the generosity of donors like you.  We are an alliance of arts minded individuals that share a common bond of enjoying, appreciating and supporting everything jazz.

As a non-profit organization, your donations help us pay our expenses, support and sponsor community outreach
music programs, festivals,  our student and homegrown professional musicians which economically benefits our
local businesses and the economy in general.

Jazz and community related news, information and educational content are important to keeping the community
vibrant, diversified and informed.  In the best of times and even in the worse, we reach out to individuals,
corporations, foundations and others to ensure that we have an operating and support budget that will sustain our  ability to provide our services to our members and citizens of our city.  Help us do so by donating or making a contribution to our organization.  Here is how you can help and be involved.

Individual and Optional Ways to Donate

You're welcome to contribute any amount you're comfortable with.  We appreciate all donations, no matter what
the amount.  You can include an additional amount with your dues.  If you're not a member, appreciate the work
we do and wish to support the CJA, you're welcome to send a contribution in any amount you choose.

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